Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week’s science news, compiled by Sophia Cai, Bethany Halford, and Jeff Huber.

Siberian researchers recover the first-ever sample of mammoth's blood, which was preserved in ice. Credit: Semyon Grigoriev/The Siberian Times

Icy Siberian conditions preserve mammoth blood and muscle tissue. Can mammoth clones be far off? And will we be able to use them as vacuums and showers like the Flintstones did? [Siberian Times] Study finds that diet soda harms teeth just as badly as crack cocaine does. So either diet soda is more harmful than you initially thought, or crack cocaine is less harmful. [My Fox Atlanta] Well hello there, hydrogen. You look gorgeous. [iO9] Marijuana stash more than 2,000 years old is discovered at a Chinese grave site. Time-travel movie starring Cheech and Chong now seems inevitable. [NBC News] Apes may be even closer to us, or at least our children, than we thought--they, too, throw temper tantrums when their risky, emotional choices don't pay off. [NBC News] For all you chemists working on top floors in high rise buildings, let this be a lesson to you: Throwing your glassware out the window can be lethal. [Slate] Time-lapse video documents what the Mars Curiosity rover has been doing for the last nine months. If the Curiosity rover was on parole, its officer would be well pleased. [Huffington Post] Create a hand-shaped, light-responsive hydrogel, check. Ask Robin Williams if he'd be up for a remake of "Flubber," pending. [Wired]

Author: Sophia Cai

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