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Amusing New Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week’s science news, compiled by Sophia Cai, Bethany Halford, and Jeff Huber.


Na na na na na na na Bat Cave!!!!!: Chris Weir puts a new spin on the man cave. Credit: Walyou

Thinking of putting a wine cellar in your basement? Boring. Why not build a Bat Cave instead? [Walyou]

Hmm. Wondering if C&EN would spring to send us to this meeting next year. We’d have to get our hemp accessories ready. [Wired]

Refrigerators and washer-dryers, make way: 3-D printers could be coming to households everywhere … [Guardian]

… And they may even visit a body near you: 3-D printing is used to merge tissue and radio-wave-receiving antennae in “bionic ears.” [Science Daily]

Oh man, remember to back up your data. [Chemjobber]

Lovesick wild tiger breaks into a zoo in India in search of a mate. Scared zoo visitors seem to be overlooking how adorable this is. [BBC]

Laugh in the face of every lab safety class you’ve ever had, and hang dozens of test tubes from the ceiling with this handy chandelier. (h/t Deborah Blum, Michelle Sipics) [Etsy]

Study finds that more than 50% of ground turkey contains fecal bacteria. Dieters rejoice over a new reason to return to beef burgers. [Consumer Reports]

Jamestown settlers may have come under desperate times, but cannibalistic survival is a way of life for shark embryos. [NBC News]

If a tree screams in a forest, does it make a detectable sound? Scientists say they’re working on hearing thirsty trees’ distress calls. [Yahoo!]

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