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  1. Quebec_Chemist
    Apr 19 - 1:51 am

    Can we note the INaccuracy of the chemistry here?
    Safety note to any non-chemists reading this: do NOT neutralize acids or bases when they are on your skin! Doing so only risks making things worse by A) generating heat at the site of the wound (from the reaction between the acid and base) and b) putting the damaged skin in contact with yet another potentially dangerous material. The best response to most chemical incidents is to rinse with clean water, and lots of it.
    Also, in case you do get lye on your skin, don’t expect searing pain. Speaking from experience, base burns start out feeling soapy (any surprise, Mr. Durden?) and progress slowly but relentlessly from there, if left untreated, until the skin is so damaged and dry that it begins to fissure.

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