CHEMIST HULK Smashes Questions, But Protects Identity

In the age of Internet memes and viral videos, a window of opportunity opens for sometimes the most random--and often hilarious--alter egos. Meet CHEMIST HULK (@ChemistHulk), who is a Twitter phenomenon inspired by the Marvel comic but also by fellow tweeters @ECONOMISTHULK (6,500+ followers) and @DRUNKHULK (185,000+ followers), among others. By comparison, CHEMIST HULK is just a few Twitter weeks old with just a few hundred followers, but he's already causing ripples throughout the chemistry online community. He discusses lab work, science awards, and the puzzling aspects of puny human society: And this week, he agreed to be interviewed by Newscripts. But of course, it was in typical online fashion, as he (or she?) doesn't want to reveal the secret identity of the chemist version of Dr. Bruce Banner. SC: I admit, I'm new to the CHEMIST HULK bandwagon. How did you find yourself come about on Twitter? CH: HULK SEE PLACE IN WORLD FOR SMASHING OF PRECONCEPTIONS BY MAKING ERUDITE SPEECH COME FROM SIMPLE COUNTENANCE. HULK ALSO DECIDE TWITTER HAVE NICHE FOR HULK CHEMICAL EXPERTISE. SC: Who inspires you or has helped shape you, on or off Twitter? CH: HULK ADMIRE @ECONOMISTHULK FOR CAPTURE ZEITGEIST. BUT HULK MOSTLY SHAPED BY GAMMA RAYS. SC: What's your favorite thing to tweet about? What's your favorite thing to do, in general? CH: HULK LOVE SMASHING AND CRUSHING, BUT HULK FIND DIFFICULT TO CHOOSE FAVOURITE. HULK MOSTLY TWEET ABOUT EVERYDAY LAB LIFE, LIKE TIME HULK SMASH FIVE LITRE SEPARATING FUNNEL. SC: How much do you love chemistry? Any other loves? hobbies? desires? CH: HULK WANT FIND NEW PARADIGM FOR SMASH AND CRUSH IN CHEMISTRY. FOR EXAMPLE, CHEMICAL EXPLOSIVE INEFFICIENT, SO HULK TRY TO CREATE ALL-NITROGEN HETEROCYCLE. HULK ALSO LOVE BROWNIAN MOTION - ATOMS IN CONSTANT STATE OF SMASHING INTO EACH OTHER. SC: Who's your real-life Dr. Bruce Banner? What's he up to when he's not being you on Twitter? Do you guys get along? CH: HULK HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH BRUCE ON TWITTER. HULK ALWAYS FINDING UNREASONABLE DEMANDS WRITTEN ON NEARBY BLACKBOARD WHEN HULK WAKE UP. "HULK NOT SMASH FLASK," "HULK NOT SMASH LAB." SO DEMANDING. SC: What's your favorite part about being CHEMIST HULK? CH: SHARING HULK OPINION ON ROLE OF CRUSHING IN CHEMISTRY. HULK ALSO FIND IMPORTANT TO TEACH EQUALITY. WOMAN, MAN, BLACK, WHITE, ALL LOOK SAME WHEN SQUISHED. SC: What are some of your favorite tweets, yours or others'? CH: HULK LIKE ENTIRE ONLINE CHEMISTRY COMMUNITY. COMMUNITY HELP SMASH OLD MODELS OF RESEARCH BY RAPID COMMUNICATION OF NEW IDEAS. SC: Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter? Favorite hashtags? CH:  HULK BIG FAN OF #REALTIMECHEM. CAN SEE WHEN SMASH HAPPEN INSTANTLY ANYWHERE ON EARTH. SC: How many followers do you have? How have you been received on Twitter? CH: HULK OVERWHELMED BY RESPONSE. HULK NOT SECRETLY BITTER, BUT HULK GAIN MORE FOLLOWERS IN FIRST DAY OF TWITTER CAREER THAN BRUCE BANNER ENTIRE TWITTER HISTORY. SC: Are there any dangers you face being CHEMIST HULK, on Twitter or elsewhere? How do you cope? CH: HULK FIND PROTECTING SECRET IDENTITY HARD. HULK FEAR CAPTURE BY GOVERNMENT, MUCH LIKE REGULAR CHEMIST FEAR SAFETY AUDIT. HULK COPE BY MOVING UNIVERSITY EVERY TWO YEARS. HULK MISTAKEN FOR POSTDOC. SC: And finally, what's your favorite thing about your namesake, the original Hulk? CH: HULK HAVE ANGER PROBLEM, BUT OLD HULK DEAL WITH ANGER PRODUCTIVELY, BY SMASHING. CHEMIST HULK ONLY MAKE COMPOUND WHEN ANGRY. CANNOT DO USEFUL WORK, LIKE CRUSH PUNY HUMANS. SC:  It was my pleasure speaking with you, CHEMIST HULK, have a terrific weekend. CH: YOU TOO, PUNY HUMAN! A special thanks to @ChemistHulk for being interviewed, and to @carmendrahl for tracking him down to smash Newscripts' questions!

Author: Sophia Cai

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  1. So, CHEMIST HULK betrays a UK background with “favourite” and “litre”…

  2. You saw that too, eh? I thought I’d leave those tells in there… 🙂

  3. Could be that CHEMIST HULK is Canadian, eh?


  5. Maybe even Aussie?

  6. Challenge accepted. We’re doing great at the 20 questions. Just keep guessing nationalities until he cracks.

  7. I think we shouldn’t underestimate CHEMIST HULK. Perhaps he or she used the British spelling as camouflage.