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Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week’s science news, compiled by Sophia Cai, Bethany Halford, and Jeff Huber.


This is a typical day in the lab according to Getty Images. Credit: Jacks of Science

Wish we’d thought of this: A collection of the silliest science stock photos. [Jacks of Science]

Researcher at the American Chemical Society national meeting in New Orleans reports detecting arsenic in a variety of beers and totally harshes everyone’s buzz. [NPR]

Iron-infused silly putty devours magnet. Nom nom nom. With video! [Slate]

More video! Man without Hogwarts training manages to wiggle a rat’s tail through a scientific version of mind melding. [Live Science]

Llamas and alpacas make volunteer visits to nursing homes, and their community service isn’t even court-ordered. [Mother Nature Network]

That music man may be sexy, but his harmonica may be making him infertile. [Improbable Research]

Peeing in your compost heap will boost its fertilizing power, just please try to do so while your neighbors aren’t looking. [National Geographic]

Got some spare booze and liquid nitrogen lying around? Then why not make alcoholic dippin’ dots? [Gizmodo]

Scientists use synthetic plant leaves to capture bedbugs. “You mean these plants aren’t real?” skeptical bedbugs ask. “They look so real.” [BBC]

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