Harlem Shake ft. Tryptophan

Not to be confused with the real Harlem Shake dance moves of the 1980s, a Harlem Shake video meme quickly went viral last month. The gist: An individual starts to dance to electronic music producer Baauer's song "Harlem Shake" for roughly 15 seconds before the beat pops and the video jump-cuts to a huge crowd of costumed companions who join in on the erratic dancing. The meme began in Australia, but quickly became popular across the globe, with the University of Georgia men's swim team, some Norwegian army troops, and even a distressed clothes dryer posting their own Harlem Shake videos. And now, thanks to Pierre Morieux (@ChemDrawWizard), chemists have gotten in on the fun. His YouTube channel features a couple of ChemDraw video tutorials, followed by this bigger hit:

Author: Sophia Cai

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