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Silly samplings from this week's science news, compiled by Bethany Halford and Lauren Wolf. Ever wish you could tear a page out of C&EN and eat it because it’s so good? Well, it might happen in the future … Fanta creates an edible ad. [ShortList] But just to be clear, this is old news: Newscripts has written about edible ads (and greeting cards) before. [C&EN] Scientists in California want to create laser beams to evaporate asteroids before they hit Earth. No word on using them to fill the dean’s house with popcorn or if they will be mounted on sharks. [LA Times] Speaking of lasers, this one was meant for studying space, but it moonlights as a counterfeit honey detector. [Slate] Who knew panda flirting was so complicated? The Edinburgh Zoo’s Yang Guang “has recently begun to execute handstands against trees, walls, and rocks, and to leave scent marks as high up as he can” in an attempt to get the attention of lady panda Tian Tian. [Guardian] Jose Canseco, that lovable juiced-up ex-ball player, tweeted his theories on gravity and dinosaurs this week. Newscripts hasn’t been this confused since Keanu Reeves explained wave-particle duality. [iO9] Checking up on HP’s Chubby Checker. Incidentally, if the Newscripts gang held stock in HP, we’d be wondering what the hell is going on at that place. [Slate] This Side Up: The paint splatters on that canvas really do have a top and bottom. Study shows people can set an abstract painting in its “correct” orientation  more often than not. [Discoblog]

Author: Lauren Wolf

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  1. Interesting items. The Edinburgh Zoo should play “Yang Guang’s Gangnam style” and Ke$ha’s “Die Young” to set the mood. Perhaps dinos were the size of geckos before they began ingesting steroids. Look for the sale of clown shoes to increase.