Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week's science news, compiled by Bethany Halford and Lauren Wolf.

Wrinkly with a purpose. Credit: Flickr user nhanusek

From the Who Funds This? files: Prune-y fingers may help you get a grip. [] This week, scientists have been spending entirely too much time on Twitter cracking jokes that hit awfully close to home via the hashtag #overlyhonestmethods. We’ve always thought those “representative” data sets in papers were the only time the experiment worked … and now it’s been confirmed. [iO9] So, this is news but not so amusing if you’ve got GI problems … there appears to be a barium shortage. [Topics in Radiography] Scientists say the song “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones is one of safest to drive to. That’s funny. Cause’ it makes us bored and sleepy. [The Telegraph] 19 techs at a petrochemical plant in England win the Euromillions sweepstakes, netting them about $1.6 million (or about $84,000 each). Lucky ducks. [Gazette Live] Pedometers are so 2012. For weight loss, check out the forkometer instead. [MarketWatch] When we’re inundated with winter weather, the Newscripts gang will be working on its bulletproof snow fort. [Wired]  

Author: Lauren Wolf

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  1. Better not drive while playing that CD with Jan and Dean’s “Dead Man’s Curve” and the Beach Boys’ “409”, “Shut Down”, and “Little Deuce Coupe”.