Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week's science news, compiled by Bethany Halford and Lauren Wolf.

Credit: flickr user Narisa

Researcher says she’s sequenced Sasquatch DNA. That’s right: Big Foot himself. No word on where said DNA came from or when results will be published. But you should believe everything she says. [Houston Chronicle Blog] This is a fascinating piece on brain chemistry and monogamy, but it left us wondering if there was a market for oxytocin nose sprays. [Slate] Did you think that ice skating works because the pressure from your skates melts the ice? Silly rabbit, here comes the science. [Huff Post] Speaking of rabbits, hybrid 3-D printer makes synthetic cartilage from rabbit-ear cells. Mice implanted with material crave carrots and fruity flavors. [IOP] It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: Bacon from stem cells. [American Live Wire] Talk about a long day in the lab…when your experiment outlives you. [NPR]

Author: Bethany Halford

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