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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Cyber Monday! Are those chestnuts we smell roasting on your Bunsen burner? Well, pour us a beaker full of egg nog because the Newscripts gang has been wading through the internet to find the perfect gift for the chemical lover in your life. And if this isn’t enough loot for you, browse our 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008 gift guides for more ideas.

Plus, don’t forget the molecular formula art, educational app, atomic ukulele, earrings, romance novel, and element book we featured on the blog this year. Did we miss something? Add it to the comments.


  • Nov 26th 201211:11
    by Curious Wavefunction

    AIP has a 2013 Niels Bohr Calendar.


  • Nov 26th 201211:11
    by Bethany Halford

    That’s a nifty calendar. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nov 27th 201210:11
    by Mark Schofield

    DCI has a Science Quiz Clock (http://www.dcigift.com/product.cfm?productID=1249&catID=14), that is pretty cool.

  • Nov 28th 201216:11
    by Charles

    HOLY COW! Those coasters are awesome!

  • Dec 6th 201208:12
    by cheap gift boxes

    All the gift ideas are unique, good, cheap and easily available. This year I will send such gifts to my friends and family members.

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