“Dirty Pictures” Giveaway

I’m not sure what type of spam the title of this post is going to attract, but I thought it might also catch the eyes of folks who might otherwise skip over offerings from the Newscripts gang (who are not, by the way, the subject of the titular pictures).

You might not be aware of it, but one little online corner of C&EN, known as Reel Science, is devoted to spurring discussion of how science is presented in film. Reel Science reviews new movies coming out in theaters and also recommends science-y films out on DVD.

Jovana Grbić, a contributing editor for Reel Science, recently filed a recommendation for the documentary “Dirty Pictures” about psychedelics maker and garage chemist Alexander Shulgin. She suggested that we give away the screener copy she watched to review the film.

So we came up with a little contest to decide who gets the screener. Reel Science has gotten woefully behind on Recommendations. You can see from the list here that there was a two-year gap between our last recommendation and “Dirty Pictures.” So here’s the contest: Suggest a film for us to recommend in the comments. Science doesn’t have to be its main focus, but the flick should have some relevance to science or scientists; it can even be sci-fi. Also, the movie should be something we haven’t already reviewed or recommended, and we should be able to get the film via Netflix or some other easy-to-access (and inexpensive) source.

I’ll select a winner by the end of the week and write up a recommendation of the person’s suggested film (not by the end of the week, but sometime soon). We have only one screener, but we may still recommend other films from the suggestions, so you’d win our thanks, which is good too, right?

UPDATE: Thanks to the folks who wrote in. I loved all of your suggestions, but we’ve only got one DVD, and that goes to Chemjobber. I can’t believe we haven’t already recommended “Lorenzo’s Oil.” I look forward to watching it and writing it up.

Author: Bethany Halford

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  1. I would recommend “Lorenzo’s Oil.” I think it’s a really interesting portrayal of science and scientists, and how it is SO difficult to think clearly (as science requires) when someone you love is being affected by a unexplained disease. There’s also a good bit of controversy surrounding the film and its fidelity to the story.

    Besides, there’s a wonderful scene of an older man distilling erucic acid — who wouldn’t love that?

  2. Repligator is about a machine meant as a transporter. But it turned men into women instead. Women that end up turning into alligators. All the science fail in this movie is awesome.

  3. Pu-239 is an intense movie.

    It’s about a Russian nuclear tech who is exposed to high levels of radiation. He uncovers a conspiracy and tries to secure his family’s future.