Final Days, Lasting Memories From #IChO2012

We're closing in on the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) closing ceremony, which will take place this Sunday in Washington, D.C. C&EN will be there to report the medal results. It seems like just yesterday that the students were meeting each other for the first time and checking into their dorm rooms at the University of Maryland. Last night, after completing a five-hour theoretical exam, the students reunited with their mentors (who have been hard at work grading the lab practical exams) during a reunion party at the French Embassy. Today the students are spending the day in Baltimore, visiting the Baltimore Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center and attending a Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics baseball game. It's been an exciting couple of days, filled with both competition and camaraderie. To get a feel for what the IChO experience has been like, the ACS Office of Public Affairs has put together a video capturing reactions from some of the students:

Author: Linda Wang

Associate Editor, Chemical & Engineering News

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