Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week's science news, compiled by Lauren Wolf.

Credit: Bente Smedal

It’s hard to compete with the Higgs Boson this week. But these bees reverse the aging in their brains when placed into a new social situation. Let’s see the God Particle do that. [Science Daily] These women get the Booby Prize: Researchers study classical mechanics of the breasts of women who are running. Surprise! Motion increases with cup size. [Improbable Research] Michael Phelps, take note: A mechanical engineering professor says if you want to win gold, you’d better spread your fingers a little bit when swimming. [Daily Mail Online] Stephen Hawking’s being a party pooper. He says time travel isn’t possible. [HuffPost Tech] First, there was fried beer [Newscripts]. Now there’s kimchi beer. And someone in this article says it tastes like a “post-pepper burp.” Delightful. [Korea Times] Self-cleaning lawn furniture. Because Lord knows we all need yet another excuse to be lazy. [Gizmodo]    

Author: Lauren Wolf

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