Fun With Lasers

Wicked Lasers doesn’t just have a fun name. The Hong Kong-based company also likes to have a little fun with its products. In this week’s print column, we wrote about how Wicked Lasers teamed up with marine biologist and TV host Luke Tipple to achieve a dream of “Austin Powers” supervillain Dr. Evil: “sharks with frickin’ lasers beams attached to their heads.”

But it seems that being integrated with sharks isn’t the only way for lasers to get some attention. Scott A. Stevenson of uses lasers to pop popcorn or explode fireworks–among other video stunts–all in the name of helping to popularize science and technology through informative and entertaining videos. After he posted a video using a laser to ignite a firecracker hanging inside a balloon, Wicked Lasers contacted Stevenson and sent him its Spyder III Krypton 750mW+ laser, which he used to attempt setting a Guinness Book of World Records, popping 100 single-file balloons with one laser beam. Happy Monday, folks!


Author: Sophia Cai

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