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Each year around the holidays, we here at Newscripts post a list of potential gifts for all the science geeks out there. We cull our picks from the Internetz as well as from fans who write in. But one gift just came across the Newscripts desk that we thought merited an early mention because we’d never considered scientifically decorated musical instruments before. Behold, the Atom Ukelele! This custom-made string instrument is available on Etsy from artist celentanowoodworks. More important, the website says: “If you can dream it, let’s build it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to instrument building. Why shouldn't your instrument be as personal as the music you play?” Crown ether ukelele, anyone? And because everyone loves Tom Lehrer’s song, “The Elements,” here’s a version sung by a 3 year old named Rose. Cute overload in a good way, or cute overload in a bad way? It’s not for us to say. But we do know that if this little virtuoso learned to play the Atom Ukelele, she’d be an unstoppable force.

Author: Lauren Wolf

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