Geek Love: Send A #Chemvalentine To Show ‘Em You Care

This week, I inadvertently started a #Chemvalentine meme on Twitter after seeing a tweet from @Sulfur_Blue about chemistry valentines:

Get the chemistry flowing by sending a #Chemistry Valentine?

What ensued was an outpouring of awesomeness from all the chemistry lovers out there. We here at Newscripts have compiled our Top 20 favorite #Chemvalentines just for you. Feel free to use these to woo your scientist friends this Valentine’s Day. ThinkGeek, if you’re listening, we’d all buy a pack of these cards. - Valentine, I could never Bohr of you.

1)      Valentine, I’ve got my ion you. (HT @Sulfur_Blue)

2)      Valentine, I can’t eat, sleep, or run reactions when you argon. (@laurenkwolf)

3)      Ethylene in the air? I feel our love ripening. (@SeeArrOh)

4)      There’s no HOMO-LUMO gap between us, baby. (@chemjobber)

5)      Valentine, I could never Bohr of you. (@S_J_Lancaster)

6)      You electrolyte up my life. (@derekjjohnson)

7)      You’re the biotin to my streptavidin. (@CBC_excimer)

8)      Love hertz. (@Sci_ents)

9)      You’re as beautiful as a clean NMR spectrum. (@UnstableIsotope)

10)   Say silsesquioxane again, the way I like it. (@S_J_Lancaster) - Single? Don't be bitter. You're not an alkaloid.

11)   Of all the combinatorial compounds in the world, you’re the only hit in my assay. (@kromablography)

12)   Valentine, you warm my pericyclic heart. Without you, I can’t Cope. (@SeeArrOh)

13)   Our love is like an anionic polymerization, it’s alive and growing, even when it’s –78 C outside. (@jaspevacek)

14)   Single? Don’t be bitter. You’re not an alkaloid. (@squidring)

15)   You’re the azide to my alkyne. We just click. (@CBC_excimer)

16)   Your structure gives me SMILES. (@kromablography)

17)   You spin my nuclei right-round, baby right-round. (@modernscientist)

18)   Upon meeting you I felt as though someone had poured ether down the drain and turned on all the faucets (@sciencegeist)

19)   Let’s carbon date! (@simplecoffee)

20)   Our love can’t be limited by Baldwin’s Rules. I 4-exo-dig you. (@ArgylAardvark)

Author: Lauren Wolf

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  1. Valentine, we’re like enantiomers: almost impossible to separate.

  2. Let’s not tosyl. I just don’t want you to leave