Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week's science news, compiled by Bethany Halford and Lauren Wolf.

Do the Dew. Well, if you don't mind the potential mouse carcasses, that is. Credit: Flickr user -ej!

What’s more disgusting than finding a mouse in your Mountain Dew? Learning that the beverage would have likely transformed the rodent into a gelatinous mass before you ever cracked the can. [The Smoking Gun] Paul Bracher learns the pitfalls of coming up with an acronym as you get older. [ChemBark] Researchers make self-cleaning surface by sequestering cheese-rind fungus in coating technology. Mmmmm, Roquefort cheese-rind fungus. [Discover] Green tea is good for you, so Chinese researchers wonder what it does to broiler chickens. Newscripts gang ponders how chickens manage to hold teacups. [J. Ag. Food Chem.] Take some silver atoms, add a dash of salmon sperm DNA, and Voilà! A data-storage device. Of course. [Gizmodo] Here are 20 things we didn’t know about alcohol, like don’t try to outdrink a Malaysian pen-tailed treeshrew. [Discover] Not sure how this got in here, but “Organ Trail” game tests players’ zombie survival skills. Apparently, your “family” doesn’t have to worry about dysentery—just a hunger for brains. []

Author: Lauren Wolf

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