Will It Blend?

In this week's print Newscripts column, I wrote about Will It Crush? That's a project launched by oceanographer Matthew Alford of the University of Washington, Seattle, to educate kids about what it's like at the bottom of the ocean. Alford, who studies ginormous underwater waves that affect Earth's climate, takes everyday objects to the depths of the ocean and films what happens to them under the crushing pressure of all that water. Those poor Gummi bears--they survived, but, man, they got squished. Alford told me that his project was inspired by the YouTube video series Will It Blend? These clips are put together by Utah-based firm Blendtec to showcase its blenders and have a bit of fun. I'd never heard of the "sensational" YouTube channel before, but I've since checked it out and thought I'd share a favorite clip or two to celebrate the fact that it's Friday. For the chemists, check out the glow stick reaction in this clip--and kids, don't try this at home. My 10-year-old niece would be horrified by this next video. But the Biebs had it coming. Blendtec is taking suggestions on what to blend next. You can participate by clicking here. And Happy Friday!

Author: Lauren Wolf

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