Encountering the Curiosity Rover

Life-size Mars rover replica, Drahl/C&EN

Does this photo look familiar? Astute NASA-watchers and C&EN readers will recall that this WALL-E-like robot is the Mars Curiosity Rover, which blasted off for Mars late last month. The life-size replica is currently in New York City, at the American Museum of Natural History's "Beyond Planet Earth" exhibit. I'd read about the size of the rover in Elizabeth Wilson's C&EN article on Curiosity:
Curiosity was designed to be big—the size of a small car—so that scientists could pack its belly with laser spectrometers, gas chromatographs, and ovens, not to mention reservoirs of helium and other chemical supplies for the two analytical labs.
But there's nothing quite like seeing something in person to get a feel for its size. "Beyond Planet Earth" runs through August 12th of next year.

Curiosity's got big wheels. I couldn't quite touch it but you get the idea. Drahl/C&EN

Author: Carmen Drahl

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