Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week's science news, compiled by Bethany Halford and Lauren Wolf.

Credit: Flickr user 2010 Till When?

Wait, do you mean buttercups DON’T make your chin glow yellow because you like butter? We’re so disillusioned. [U of Cambridge] Man with metal detector finds Vikings’ hidden hoard of silver. Perhaps he should have been tipped off by the name of the town where it was found: Silverdale. [Guardian] What will they think of next? Xylitol, the chewing gum compound, now keeps feet cool in bike shoes. [Gizmodo] In news that will make pigs everywhere take cover, flying squirrels can root out truffles. [Annals of Improbable Research] Sweet synthesis turns ribose into cocaine. [Org. Lett. via Synthetic Remarks] Does sniffing lavender help heal wounds? No. Does distant prayer treat AIDS? Nope. The government has spent $1.4 billion of your tax dollars to assess these and other alternative medicinal approaches. [LA Times]

Author: Lauren Wolf

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