Amusing News Aliquots – Thanksgiving Feast Edition

In lieu of our usual silly samplings from this week's science news, Lauren Wolf and I have compiled a list of our favorite articles from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry on turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Ever wonder whether ground turkey is REALLY a lower-fat substitute for ground beef? These guys have. [10.1021/jf00032a012] Planning to irradiate your turkey instead of brine it this Thanksgiving? You could be in for a volatile-sulfur surprise. [10.1021/jf020158y] We hate it when our turkey meat gets oxidized. Thank goodness for honey. [10.1021/jf010820a] Got gum problems? You might want an extra helping of cranberry sauce. [10.1021/jf203304v] But if you’re using fresh cranberries, be sure to give them a good washing. Wouldn’t want any ethylene dibromide with your relish. [10.1021/jf001025k] And if you’re planning to store your cranberries for future use, those kept at 15 °C pack the biggest antioxidant punch. [10.1021/jf001206m] Pumpkins—the fungus fighters of the cucurbit world. [10.1021/jf902005g] Tired of pie? Why not use your pumpkin flesh for determining how much L-glutamate is in your food? [10.1021/jf0344791] The Newscripts gang loves the ACS Legacy Archives almost as much as we love a four-day weekend. Check out this classic from 1910: “Chemical Examination of Pumpkin Seed.” [10.1021/ja01921a009]

Author: Bethany Halford

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