Amusing News Aliquots

A 6,000-year-old cooking pot and spoon recovered from a bog in Zealand, Denmark. Photo by Anders Fischer

Perhaps in 6,000 years someone will unearth your pots and pans to see what you ate. Newscripts gang vows to expand culinary repertoire beyond mac and cheese. [Guardian] For chemists who love coding: The periodic table of HTML [] From the turning lemons into lemonade files: Man turns prosthetic arm into a smart phone dock. [Geekosystem] Soggy grapes set to ruin your winery’s cabernet? Why not call in a helicopter to dry them off? [The Salt] First there were zombie ants [C&EN]. Now there are zombie wasps. The Newscripts gang is beginning to stockpile survival gear and reinforce the walls of our secret lair. [Wired] The mystery of the missing oil. [LA Times] Researchers show that eating strawberries protects the stomach’s lining from alcohol-related damage. Or maybe you could, um, just drink less alcohol? [Medical Xpress]

Author: Bethany Halford

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