Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week's science news, compiled by Bethany Halford and Lauren Wolf The IgNobel Prizes are just a week away. Check out the chem demo promo. [AIR] The indiscriminate sex life of deep-sea squid. [Guardian]  The secrets of Velveeta exposed. [Discover]  Merchants protect wool against counterfeiting by “shooting it up” with specific DNA. Yes, we really said “wool.” [Gizmodo] For your next nanomartini. [Penn State Science]  Scientists elicit greater probability of truth-telling by magnetically stimulating certain parts of brain. Politicians nervous. [Tecca] A typewriter that mixes drinks. Newscripts gang wonders if Rudy (our editor-in-chief) will spring for one of these? [BoingBoing]

Author: Lauren Wolf

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