CENtral Science Represents at Scientific American Blogs’ Chemistry Day

Devoted CENtral Science followers may recall two posts about a big development in the blogosphere that went up at Terra Sigillata last month. There, my esteemed blog colleague David Kroll played host to a vibrant discussion about the shiny new Scientific American blog network-- of course congratulating the massive effort on the part of Chief Editor and Community Manager Bora Zivkovic and many others that led to its creation, but also noting the paucity of chemistry blogs on the high-profile new network. The discussion spilled over into other prominent blogs, including those of American University chemist Matt Hartings and San Jose State U. professor of philosophy (and physical chemist by training) Janet Stemwedel. Well, SciAm's blogerati were clearly listening. Today, in honor of the International Year of Chemistry and the IUPAC World Chemistry Congress in Puerto Rico, it's all chemistry all day today at the Scientific American blog network. What exactly does that mean? A smorgasbord of chemistry blog posts, both from regular SciAm contributors and guest bloggers. There's even a Twitter hashtag, #SciAmChem. Bora has put together the master list of posts. I'm a bit biased, but I'd like to highlight two of them: From CENtral's own David Kroll: Drugs From The Crucible of Nature Bora was even nice enough to extend me an invitation to guest blog with this illustrious group. It's an honor to blog about one of my favorite topics, named reactions, for Scientific American. From C&EN's own Carmen Drahl: What's In A Name? For Chemists, Their Field's Soul Of course, scores of other great posts are on the list, including writing from Hartings, Stemwedel, Ashutosh of Curious Wavefunction, Deborah Blum of Speakeasy Science, Antony Williams of ChemSpider/ChemConnector and SciAm blogger Michelle Clement, who works for the American Chemical Society. It's been a great day for chemistry blogging. But C&EN Assistant Managing Editor Amanda Yarnell put it best this morning on Twitter:
amandayarnell: Grt posts on @sciamblogs today by @discodermolide @sciencegeist @chemconnector & more. Here's to hoping there's not just 1 day of #sciamchem

Author: Carmen Drahl

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