Amusing News Aliquots

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Wine could help protect against sunburns and skin cancer. But don’t switch your bottle of sunscreen for a bottle of Shiraz just yet. [Telegraph] and [Happy Science]. Need help decorating? To go with the geek chic trend, we suggest you skip the trip to Pottery Barn and raid the stock room instead. [Wash Post] If you’ve got your own rotovap, you can be like chef and cocktail connoisseur Dave Arnold and strip down Scotch to taste each individual note. Newscripts gang adds rotavap to its holiday wishlist. [PopSci] We wonder what MacGyver would have whipped up if he had access to the titanium straw.  [Outside] Sure, crossing paths with bear might give you a heart attack. On the positive side, the bear’s bile might help you recover. [BBC] Like a giant hairball, the chemistry cat meme continues to grow. [UPROXX]

Author: Bethany Halford

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