Periodic Table of QR Codes

I confess: I do not have a smartphone. My smartphonephobia occasionally makes me feel like an oddball, like when I'm waiting for a train or trying to text someone on my dumbphone, but lately I've begun to feel like I'm missing out on something. The elemental videophiles at England's University of Nottingham have just confirmed my fears. Smartphone users have access to a whole world of videos, thanks to little black and white boxes called QR codes. And the Nottingham chemists have now created an entire periodic table of  them. Check it out:

Author: Bethany Halford

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  1. I’m a smartphone holdout as well. I think I can last another year or two.

  2. Yeah, but those QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere…begging to distract me.

  3. Yeah, I’m also a smart phone holdout. I think I can still take a year or two.