Ivan Drago Was … A Chemical Engineer?

Lundgren could've been a chemical engineer. Credit: flickr user Anime Nut

That’s right. You heard me. The strapping young fellow who played Ivan Drago, the Russian killing machine, in “Rocky IV” was a chemical engineer before he took up acting. Who knew? Well, maybe you already knew that actor Dolph (Hans) Lundgren was smart, but I sure didn’t. Newscripts reader and ACS employee Pamela J. Zaebst of Columbus, Ohio, recently sent in a link to a list of “10 Highly Educated Celebrities” on UPI.com, and Lundgren is on there. He supposedly has an IQ of 160, securing him a position in the Newscripts chemistry-minded celebrity Hall of Fame with actress Natalie Portman. Lundgren, according to his official website, was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied chemical engineering, following in his father’s footsteps, at the Royal Institute of Technology in his home city. After graduation, he headed to the University of Sydney, in Australia, to earn a master’s degree in chemical engineering. And from there, he just couldn’t be stopped (I said he was a killing machine). He actually got a Fulbright scholarship to attend MIT. But, as his website says, “the academic world could not make him fully satisfied.” In other words, he met a woman and changed his life plans. But not just any woman: Grace Jones, the singer and actress known for her role in “Conan the Destroyer.” Again, according to his website, “the blonde Swede and the dark beauty fell in love.” Instead of heading to Boston to wear pocket protectors and sail the Charles River, he went to New York City with Jones. The rest, as they say, is history. Lundgren studied drama and became an actor, giving us Ivan "I must break you" Drago—a villain who will live on forever. Interestingly, one other celebrity on UPI.com’s list was a chemical engineer: Cindy Crawford. But as Zaebst points out, the supermodel dropped out of Northwestern University, where she was on full scholarship. “I don’t exactly understand how Crawford is rated as ‘highly educated’ since she dropped out,” Zaebst says. But maybe the scholarship counts. Other fun Dolph Lundgren reading, courtesy of The Onion: "Dolph Lundgren Wins Long, Courageous Battle Against Fame"

Author: Lauren Wolf

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  1. Fortuitously being a swede I did know about his education and his karate, but not his smarts. =D