Who Knew Energy Research Was Adorable?

We here at Newscripts love a good kooky video about science. We also love a good voting war. The ongoing Life at the Frontiers of Energy Research Video Contest has both. As part of the buildup to the Department of Energy’s Science For Our Nation’s Energy Future forum, to be held May 25–27 in Washington, D.C., the agency challenged its Energy Frontier Research Centers to a video face-off. DOE asked researchers at the 46 centers to produce entertaining, accessible clips about the science and innovation going on in their labs. The videos were recently assessed by a panel of judges, and the top five were announced. You can see the winners here, but I’ve included one of them in this post, “Carbon in Underland,” from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Who knew carbon dioxide and carbon sequestration could be so cute? That CO2, he’s so supercritical. But that’s not all! I said the competition is "ongoing," so DOE now needs your help to award one of the 26 entries the People’s Choice Award. They’re not all adorable, but some of them are pretty well done. To vote, click here. The winner, along with the top five entries, will be honored during the energy forum in DC. For those who don’t know, the Energy Frontier Research Centers program launched in 2009, and some of the centers are funded with money from that year’s American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. The goal of the centers is to tackle challenges in clean and renewable energy.

Author: Lauren Wolf

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