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  1. Michael Noer
    Apr 27 - 11:16 am

    Interesting — I love the Fictional 15 spirit on display here! I agree it is quite possible that Ole Smaug is worth more than $8.6 billion. We always aim for a minimum, conservative net worth, especially for characters that are appearing on the list for the first time. It is certainly possible that his net worth will be revised upwards for 2012, and I will certainly consider your efforts when I value the overgrown flame thrower next year — michael

  2. Finn Cairo
    Apr 27 - 4:14 pm

    Hey Michael, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment here. It’s been a blast to read your responses as the feedback in the “How Much is a Dragon Worth?” comment section grew which each passing day. You’ve handled the stirred up geek masses with a deft, playful hand. I certainly laughed out loud when you mentioned “Ming the Merciless’ accounting techniques” in one reply.

    I have to say I was super stoked to see some Tolkien love in the Fictional 15 this year. I know you guys have a vast sea of media to draw fake bajillionaries from. It warmed my nerd heart to witness such a legendary beastie get due credit AND to see D&D referenced to back up the claim. Here’s to hopin’ Smaug goes up a few billion next year…

    Belain na le!


  3. Lauren Wolf
    Apr 27 - 8:10 pm

    I also love the fact that so much thoughtful conversation has grown up around such a beloved, nerdy topic. A financially savvy friend of mine sent me a message noting that although Smaug doesn’t want to invest, we should consider that commodity prices change over time. His gold coins are worth more today than they were yesterday, so I guess you never know. We can only hope that he’ll overtake Scrooge McDuck someday!

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