Nothing Says Valentine’s Day Like Marie Curie

My apologies for not writing this post earlier—at a time when it might have been

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 more helpful to you—but I would be remiss not to share some possible science nerd Valentine’s Day gifts with you that Newscripts has been alerted to recently. At this point, you might not be able to order them in time to give to that special scientist in your life on the big day, but there’s always next year or the old “better late than never” approach. You might even try muttering something about the space-time continuum and see where that gets you. My personal favorites are a set of “Science Valentines” being sold on by stephoodle. If you’re like me, you still sometimes hand out little cardboard valentines in February in an attempt to keep the memory alive of your crush on the little boy who sat next to you at snacktime in Kindergarten. I would totally have won his heart had he received one of these babies. The pack of eight includes famous scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing, and each valentine contains little notes that allude to what the person is famous for. For instance, Marie Curie’s reads, “My heart radiates for you.” The physical chemist in me is also drawn to Werner Heisenberg’s “I’m certain about you.” Classic. Or is it classical?

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Newscripts fan Cathy Bloedorn recently wrote in to point out beaded necklaces that she sells, also on Etsy. But these aren’t the typical chemistry nerd necklaces that bear little wire molecules on them, these are atomic emission spectra necklaces. “Did you ever look at those lists of elements’ emission spectra in high school and think ‘Wow! How pretty!’? ,” Bloedorn asks on her website. “Well, I did, and I decided to replicate the emission spectrum of the most important element for life, carbon, in black and colorful Swarovski crystals.” The former chemistry teacher also sells a hydrogen variety of the choker.

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Bloedorn also points out another emission-spectra-based gift for that special nerd in your life. Becky Stern sells Emission Spectrum Scarves  at Warm AND scientifically accurate. Happy Valentine’s Day, Newscripts readers!

Author: Lauren Wolf

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