Chemistry Jocks Return By “Doing ELISA”

Back in June, I started up a friendly little competition between the makers of two chemistry rap videos submitted to Newscripts. The clear winners were some undergraduate students who made a video entitled “Chemistry Jock” for extra credit in their organic chemistry class at UCLA. Now I’m not sure that the competition was exactly fair given that there were about 250 students in the class who all seemed to vote at least twice, but nonetheless, the “Jock” video won—and is still continuing to win on YouTube. It’s a true standout: As of the writing of this post, the video has been viewed on the clip-sharing site more than 25,000 times. Not ones to let fame go to their heads, the hard-working Chem Jocks are back with another educational video, this time about the process of doing ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). As you can see, the ELISA clip even includes some animation on how the assay works. This is for the benefit of high school students in CityLab, a science program held on Saturdays for inner-city Los Angeles kids. Yannick Goeb, Kimberly Bui, and Justin Banaga (the first three to appear in the ELISA video in chronological order) premiered “Doing ELISA” there as part of their volunteer work. Click here for more information on the third-year life sciences students. My favorite line? “My rhymes are so sick, I think I’m gettin’ ill/Can’t tell if I’m infected, but ELISA will.” The parting shot--the double pipette ejection by CityLab Executive Codirector Kevin Terashima--is also delightful.

Author: Lauren Wolf

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