Heckuva Lecture

Richard Heck/ Photo by Pavel Kocovsky

Get thee to this website and check out 2010 Chemistry Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard Heck, regaling Stockholm's finest with tales of organopalladium chemistry. (I've been a fan for a while, but especially so since I wrote about Heck earlier this year.) This year's chemistry Nobel lectures took place on Wednesday December 8th, and they have already been posted on the Nobel website. Drs. Negishi and Suzuki's talks are up, too, but I haven't watched them yet. And I haven't been able to find an embeddable link to the lecture videos, sorry! Watching Heck's lecture, I felt transported to an earlier time- the tone of the talk, the setup of the slides, all made me think about how different things must've been pre-Powerpoint, pre-ChemDraw. High points: 10:40- On seeing a picture of a young Heck on a slide: "I don't know where this picture came from.." 11:05- On Hercules Chemical Company, in the acknowledgements: "It's no longer in existence, but I had nothing to do with that."

Author: Carmen Drahl

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