Beaker’s Hawaiian Adventure

In a recent post on the Pacifichem conference taking place this week in Honolulu, I was giving a little history about

Credit: Steve Ritter/C&EN

 King Kamehameha, who was known for uniting all the islands of Hawai'i into one kingdom in the 1800s. Recall that there was a statue of Kamehameha commissioned from Italy, but in transit it was lost at sea. A replacement statue was ordered and it now stands in front of Iolani Palace in Honolulu, which currently houses the state supreme court. The orignial statue was later recovered and brought to Hawai'i. It ended up in a small town on the north coast of the big island of Hawai'i, near where Kamehameha was born. We posted a photo of the statue in front of Iolani Palace. Now, Newscripts is happy to report that we have a photo of the original statue that stands in front of the town hall in Kapa'au on the big island. The photo features the C&EN mascot, Beaker, who had an amazing Hawaiian vacation a couple of years ago. The photo was dredged out of the Newscripts photo vault and is shown here. Disregard the anonymous hand holding up Beak--he is short, and Kamehameha was very tall. Aloha.

Author: Steve Ritter

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