A C&EN Snowflake

Credit: Lauren Wolf/C&EN

Inspired by a recent post on the “Better Posters” blog, a site devoted to making impressive, professional-looking academic posters, I constructed my own version. The author at “Better Posters” provides clear directions for recycling your conference poster by making a very festive, crafty snowflake. I propose that when faithful Newscripts readers aren’t framing their treasured back issues of C&EN (which ours fans are, of course, wont to do), they can do the same with their favorite covers and pages. I’ve chosen some Newscripts columns and a few colorful covers for a snowflake to display in the halls of C&EN. Let’s see your versions, readers—it only takes about 15 minutes. Happy New Year!

Author: Lauren Wolf

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  1. Nice! I especially like how the Newscripts head lined up so well with the cuts.

  2. Thanks, Jyllian! I’ve got mad crafting skillz, and I’m taking orders for the New Year 😉

  3. What a cheerful greeting on this last day of the year! Thanks, Lauren

  4. The solid background that permits the star to pop is my office door — what a pleasant surpise greeting on my return to work this morning! Much appreciated.