The Most Beautiful Song in the Lab?

Between the Science Rapper, folks Dancing their PhDs, and various contests, songs about science and lab life have proliferated in recent years. Few have come close to matching the comedic brilliance of Eppendorf’s “It’s called epMotion” advertisement, which many of you will recall featured a parody of a boy band. But the team at UCSF’s Tetrad Program may just have trumped it all (and I’m guessing on a much skimpier budget than Eppendorf) with their parody of the Flight of the Conchords’ song “The Most Beautiful Girl.” Their "Most Beautiful Girl in the Lab" is tight. Maybe I’m just a sucker for purposefully geeky dance moves, or maybe it’s spot-on Conchords impersonation, along with lines like “You’re so beautiful, you could be a sales rep. You’re so beautiful, you could be a student in the School of Pharmacy.” Whatever the reason, its worth checking out.

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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