The Elements Go J-Pop

As we've said before, the Newscripts gang will use just about any excuse to post Tom Lehrer's "The Elements." Now, Theo Gray has given us a new one. To accompany the new Japanese edition of his "Elements" iPad app, Gray created a Japanese language version of Lehrer's elemental tune. As Gray told BoingBoing: "I have a cousin, Thomas Howard Lichtenstein, who has lived in Osaka for the past 20 years making a living as a lounge singer at night and composer during the day. This turned out to be a remarkably useful fact when I decided that, based on the huge success of The Elements for iPad in Japan, I really wanted to record a translation into Japanese of Tom Lehrer's elements song. (The entire rest of the ebook had been translated into Japanese: The only things left in English were the song and the spoken element names.) "I asked my cousin if he could make it sound like a nauseatingly cute Japanese pop song. My exact words were 'make me think of cats with big eyes.' Which I think he has clearly achieved. "I had planned to locate and hire some kind of B-list J-Pop idol to sing it, but he suggested his daughters give it a try, and they did a fantastic job. So the singers are in fact my twin 13-year-old, half-Japanese first cousins once removed. So there you have it, my contribution to increasing the world's supply of WTF, one song at a time." Not only do we love this version's perfectly odd popiness, but the Newscripts gang reckons Gray's relatives could easily snag the roles of the tiny twin singing princesses should someone decide to remake Mothra vs. Godzilla.

Author: Bethany Halford

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