Contests, Quizzes, and ROFLs

We've been woefully quiet here on Newscripts of late, so here's a roundup of items of interest to help disturb the inertia: First of all, chemistry shutterbugs will want to get their submissions in for C&EN's inaugural photo contest pronto. Entries are due by September 30 (that's a mere two weeks away, folks). Cash prizes are to be had--first place collects a cool $250, second gets $150, and third, $50--and winning photos and other favorites will be printed in the magazine's October 18th issue (hey, National Chemistry Week!). We're collecting submissions on the C&EN Flickr group because 1) it's super easy, and 2) the idea behind this contest and future ones is to create a pool of chemistry images for all the world to see. Participants are even encouraged (see, it's in the rules) to submit their photos under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License so that we're not the only ones who get to benefit from such a fine collection. Video contest buffs may prefer to enter the newest NanoTube video contest, "What is Nano? Part II." Submissions are due by November 5 and the grand prize lands $500. Perhaps there'll be a sequel to the original "What is Nano?" contest winner, the catchy "The Nano Song": Speaking of prizes, Nobel Week will soon be upon us. Why not test your Nobels knowledge with a quiz from the recently resurrected ChemBark: Can you name all of the Nobel laureates in chemistry? And now for something completely different and irreverent, be sure to check out the TOC ROFL tumblr page, a collection of, um, noteworthy images appearing on the table of contents of various journals. You'll laugh, you'll groan, perhaps you'll even cry. But you will return to see more.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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