A C&EN Video Glimpse Of The ACS Meeting In Boston

What you just watched was a sneak peek of a new adventure for C&EN—video for next week’s ACS national meeting in Boston. We’re super excited to share this clip with you. You’re getting to feast your eyes on it before any of the meeting attendees in Beantown. If you’ve been to a national meeting in the past, you know that there is usually a welcome video scrolling across the screens in the meeting halls. It’s the same video loop every day, so folks tend to tune it out after day one of the meeting (at least I did). But this year, C&EN teamed up with the Digital Services Unit in ACS’s Office of Public Affairs to produce fresh video content daily, from Sunday through Wednesday. These short clips feature our very own reporters set against some fantastic graphics. They highlight what we think are the most news- and discussion-worthy sessions each day. In addition to being screened in the conference hall, these “C&EN Picks” will be shown on the shuttle buses to a captive-chemist audience. Of course I’m posting this early look at the videos because I’m one of the reporters in them, but the films also feature Associate Editor Carmen Drahl and Stu Borman, deputy assistant managing editor of the Science, Technology & Education group here at C&EN. Today you only got to see Sunday’s video. Keep your eyes peeled for the others if you’re attending the meeting. Your keyword for this blog is GUESS. We look forward to seeing you there! Many thanks to the wizards in the Digital Services Unit for making us look so good. UPDATE: 8/21: We just learned there is an incorrect photo in this video. The photo of Chang-jun Liu in the video is of another Chang-jun Liu, a researcher at Brookhaven National Lab. Below is an accurate photo of Prof. Chang-jun Liu, from Tianjin University, organizer of the FUEL division symposium. We apologize to Prof. Liu for this oversight.

Author: Lauren Wolf

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  1. Wow…super professional. I love the CEN/ACS art and digital services teams.

  2. At the last Boston ACS meeting the video playing in the hallway included a vignette of a guy saying the national conferences were a great place to meet/pick up girls. Any way you could post that video too?

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