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More chemical artwork

One of the best things about writing Newscripts is the interaction you get with readers.  This week’s column about art inspired by chemistry prompted Jim Rybka, a chemist who retired three years ago and has been working with stained glass, to write in.

“Since I worked for Eli Lilly & Company and worked on two molecules that made it to market, I decided to make art pieces of tadalafil (Cialis) and prasugrel HCl (Effient) since they were important structures to me,” he writes. As a proof of concept, Rybka also made a glassy version of theobromine a compound found in chocolate. He sent us a photograph:

Speaking of photographs, I hope all you chemistry shutterbugs have been gathering your work for C&EN’s photo contest. I can’t wait to see how chemists capture their art on camera.

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  • Jul 23rd 201011:07
    by phoenixdon

    I would like to see the green olive molecule made into stained glass. Edible art!

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