“Splice,” A Reel Science Review

This post comes from guest blogger Bonni McCoy. She’s our resident movie critic, who often writes for C&EN’s online Reel Science feature. Did all of you “Newscripts” readers even know that the magazine reviews science-based movies? Here’s a little introduction from Bonni to accompany her review of the new movie “Splice”: Perhaps the plummest perk of being a reviewer in Reel Science’s Northeast Bureau is the opportunity to attend critics’ screenings in New York City.  These are the events, held a week or two before a movie’s premiere, at which powerful reviewers from such outlets as the New York Times, “Entertainment Tonight,” and Reel Science (natch) gather so they can watch films and then render the opinions that make or break them. The quality of the venues for these screenings varies widely, depending on which studio is backing the film.  I've found myself walking down a dimly lit hallway to join five other notebook-wielding cynics (I mean ... critics!) in a minuscule, poorly ventilated room.  “Splice,” which is being released nationwide today, is distributed by Warner Bros., a film giant with posh screening rooms to match.  Located on the ground floor of a building on West 53rd Street, the screening quarters include a lounge decorated with black-and-white photos of 1920s and ’30s Warner Bros. stars such as Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, and James Cagney. There wasn’t any popcorn at my screening of “Splice” (there never is), but—at any rate—we critics can’t be swayed by the superficial trappings arranged by studio functionaries.  Ultimately, it’s all about the movie—and its science content.  Reel Science’s review of “Splice” can be found here.

Author: Lauren Wolf

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