Google Doodle Chemistry

Google unveiled today the 2010 winner of the Doodle 4 Google contest held for K-12 students. Chemistry may not have inspired the winner, but it did inspire one of the 40 regional finalists, Emily Caudill. The 15-year old mixed her enthusiasm for chemistry with artistic license to create Google's logo by way of chemical structures. She explained her doodle's connection with the contest's theme of "If I could do anything, I would..." with this answer:
"... start a chain reaction. If you are wondering how chemistry fits into this, well... it's simple. The world is made up of chemistry. Every thing in the world is chemistry, and I would make a chain reaction, and make it healthy again."
Google representatives traveled to each of the regional finalists' schools to congratulate the students. At Emily's presentation, she confirmed that she has not yet had a chemistry class. You go, girl. Perhaps we can convince the professional Google Doodlers to build upon Emily's submission and render a more chemically-accurate version for the International Year of Chemistry.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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