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  1. danberger
    Apr 29 - 8:38 am

    I find that it works OK, but there’s no help in terms of importing CML files from ChemSketch. I get what amounts to a security error, and there are no instructions for fixing it. I have examined the coding and can’t see any difference between the ChemSketch CML files and the ones used by the Chemistry Add-In.

    The add-on would be useful and helpful IF it was more user-friendly. Right now you apparently need to be a macro programmer to use it, and I’m not.

    The structures are a bit odd, and not really publication-ready. But they’d be great for what I want (educational applications), if I could get anything imported.

  2. Lauren Wolf
    Apr 29 - 11:40 am

    @danberger, thanks for sharing your review. Microsoft is really trying to promote this add-in as an open-source tool, so I checked in with Joseph Townsend about your ChemSketch problem. He said that, although he doesn’t have that particular drawing program, you could post your bug on Codeplex here (, and someone can try to help.

  3. tabare
    Apr 29 - 1:23 pm


    The add-in is BASED on CML. As usual Microsoft never use a pure standard.

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