Periodic Table Parodies

The Periodic Table of Texting

OMG, I TIAIL w this T! JP! (Translation: Oh my gosh, I think I am in love with this T-shirt! Just playing!) Don't fret if you had to resort to the translation to make sense of the previous sentence; it's not exactly English. It's text speak, and if you have a teenager, know a teenager, or have any desire to text like a teenager, than Newscripts has a shirt for you. I happened upon this scientifically blasphemous cotton nightmare while sifting through the junior section of TJ Maxx, but you can order it online here. T-shirt designers just love making parodies of the Periodic Table and, thankfully, most of them are at least mildly amusing.

Chuck Norris doesn't shower; he only takes blood baths.

My personal favorite is the Chuck Norris shirt, included below. It reads, "Chuck Norris destroyed the Periodic Table because he only recognizes the element of surprise." Hilarious.

Have a favorite  Periodic Table shirt we missed? Include it in the comments below.

Author: Faith Hayden

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  1. Sorry, but the ultimate periodic table award belongs to Theodore Gray – he actually made a wooden table, complete with boxes for samples of each element and different woods for different groups

    It’s not a shirt, but I defy anyone to find a more awesome peridic table.


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