Periodic Table of Science Bloggers

It should be no surprise that periodic tables of varying ilk (including neckties, baked goods, videos, and elephants) would frequently make appearances around here. We are a chemistry blog, after all. So it's only natural that I should point out a new periodic table that combines the elements with...wait for blogs. Late last week, sciencebase's David Bradley had the brilliant notion to create the Periodic Table of Science Bloggers. periodic table of science bloggers Bradley talks about the making of the table over at SciScoop Science, but the amazing aspect of his project was that he managed to fill the table in about a day thanks to word spreading via Twitter and fellow bloggers. I probably spent more of my day than I should have watching and waiting to see which elements everyone claimed. CENtral Science was too late to snag cesium but did manage to claim cerium.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. Thanks for the mention Rachel, much appreciated. I hope readers recognize that the PT4SB was done almost purely for fun (and for the sake of procrastination).

    Nevertheless, what emerged last Friday and into the weekend was a microcosm of the science blogging community and a lot of new connections formed between everyone who helped me complete the project.

    The end product is hopefully a useful round-up of 118 fascinating science blogs, many of which don’t usually get a mention in the more common Top 10 type lists.