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Is Grad School Really a Stupid, Stupid Decision?

This book seemed like a good read. Turns out, it wasn’t. Credit: amazon.com

Hello JAEP readers! I have to apologize for things being pretty quiet around here recently. I, and my co-pusher Glen, will be picking up the pace again with electron pusher goodness in the weeks to come.

But to start, I wanted to let you all know about a book I recently finished. The title caught my eye, so I had to check it out:

Surviving Your Stupid Stupid Decision to go to Grad School, by Adam Ruben (PhD!).

In a nutshell, this book is not worth your time. If you want to know more, keep reading!

I can summarize each chapter in a single sentence and spare you from having to read the entire book yourself.

Chapter One walks the reader through the decision process: Do you want to ruin your life? If so, go to grad school.

Chapter Two explains how to choose the right grad program. There are tradeoffs based on geographic location, cost of living, academic rank, but no matter what you choose it will be a bad decision.

Chapter Three is all about grad student life: You will live in squalor with no time to sleep or tend to personal hygiene, and will need to depend on the free seminar donuts for daily sustenance.

Chapter Four gives you awful advice on how to fudge your way through your research: Tips for choosing an adviser, writing grants, and how to cherry-pick your data to look more impressive than it actually is. Continue reading →