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Just Another Electron Pusher covers additional career information that is distinct from, yet directly related to profiles of people with nontraditional chemistry careers. Below is a list of overviews of available career resources and discussions of the future career landscape:

Nontradtional Science Career Resources
2009 ACS Salary Survey
Too many PhDs? That’s anybody’s guess.
Academia vs. Alternative Science Careers—What’s the deal?
Networking: Getting connected is not such a scary thing
Do what you are: A recipe for your dream job
Website helps scientists learn about careers within Federal agencies (no longer active)
Opportunities for chemists in science policy
Pittcon 2012 Networking Session: Chemistry Careers Beyond the Bench
Highlights from Pittcon 2012 Chemistry Careers Networking Session, Part 1Part 2
The ACS provides a variety of career information for you
ACS Webinar: Chemists at U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Coverage of ACS Webinars

Virtual Career Fair 2011
Networking 101
Academic Jobs Outlook
Entrepreneurship + Innovation = Jobs
Alternative careers for PhD chemists, Part 1, Part 2