In Search Of Another Electron Pusher

You may have noticed that JAEP's been dark for the last month since Leigh pushed on to bigger and better things. So it's high time we get a new electron pusher to share his or her tales of jobseeking in the world of nontraditional chemistry careers, however you define that in today's market. I’m looking for someone (perhaps a student or a poor unemployed soul or a poor employed discontented soul with a boss who doesn’t read blogs) who isn't quite convinced that the traditional academic or industry route is the one for her or him to take and who has an entertaining writing voice.  Profiles of the nontraditional careers that pop up as part of your search will be a big part of JAEP, but so are the more reflective, personal ones (think Leigh's rejection post). In exchange, I can offer a monthly pittance and access to some great mentors. If you're interested in the gig or in guestposting during this interim period, leave a comment or email me at r_pepling at acs dot org. Finally, a horribly overdue "Thank you, Leigh!" to Leigh for getting JAEP off and running.

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. Indeed, Leigh is awesome and I wish her so much luck in her new gig. A very special person and an excellent writer.

    I have already learned a ton about writing from the great mentors I have here at C&EN and CENtral Science. This is a great opportunity that I wish existed when I was in Leigh’s shoes. Plus, you get to work with Rachel Pepling. That alone is an experience worth paying for!

  2. So, what David is saying, is that he’s going to give up his current gig and pay Rachel for the pleasure of working for her … I think that maybe this search is over 🙂

  3. Of course I would! But poor Rachel is already stuck with me – perhaps she can recruit someone for JAEP who will give her less grief.