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The future of jobs in chemistry

Next week, be prepared to witness the chemistry blog event of the century!

Well, maybe not the century, but it should be pretty good. Starting Monday, Chemjobber, ChemBark, ScienceGeist and I are going to hold a blog roundtable about the future of jobs in chemistry.

Participants in next week's roundtable. Image by flickr user hellabella.

On Monday, Chemjobber will discuss Beryl Lieff Benderly’s “The Real Science Gap” and add his own opinions on the future of the job market in industry.

.Tuesday, I’ll will be jawing on the numbers from the NSF‘s recent doctoral report to try to answer the question “Are there too many PhDs being awarded in chemistry?”

Wednesday, Paul at ChemBark will talk about tenure and why it’s not a good system.

Thursday, Matt at ScienceGeist will delve into government’s role in science employment.

And then on Friday, back to Chemjobber who will summarize the week’s discussions and comments.

Read! Comment! Be astounded! Tell us we’re stupid! Whatever, just participate. The best discussions have people talking, after all.

See you next week.


  • Dec 10th 201013:12
    by Chemjobber

    Oh, that’s definitely me on the right.

  • Dec 10th 201013:12
    by Leigh Krietsch Boerner

    Really? CJ, I was seeing you more as the blond.

  • Dec 10th 201014:12
    by Sarah Webb

    Great idea– I’m looking forward to reading next week. In terms of topics, here’s another related one that might be interesting: Does a chemistry PhD pay off financially in the long run?

    I wrote broader article in 2008 about whether the investment in a science PhD paid off based on salary over a person’s career, but I think the situation has probably shifted since then. Here’s the link to that story: http://sciencecareers.sciencemag.org/career_magazine/previous_issues/articles/2008_04_11/caredit.a0800055

  • Dec 10th 201014:12
    by Matt

    We do routines and chorus scenes
    With footwork impeccable.
    We dine well here in Camelot,
    We eat ham and jam and spam a lot.

  • Dec 10th 201019:12
    by Chemjobber

    The blond ain’t fat enough.

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