Pushing on

Or: Reject no more! That's right, kids. I managed to snag myself a writing internship at last. I'll be starting at Reuters Health next week. Don't have much of an idea how I managed to do it, but I did write the world's most obnoxious cover letter for that application. That might have gotten the editor's attention. It was a combination of that plus persistence, I imagine. Regardless, yay me!

Off I go, into the wild murky yonder. Photo by flickr user Vermin Inc.

But this is mixed news. I'll be pretty busy with this internship (and I'm also still writing my thesis, ag), so I won't be blogging here any more. That's the sad part. I want to thank everyone for reading for the past six months. It's been mostly fun, occasionally hard, and always educational. The blog roundtable from a few weeks ago was definitely the high point, although my interview with Conservation Scientist Greg Dale Smith was a blast, as was meeting Jorge Cham. Smashing a vuvuzela ranks up there, too. I also want to send my gratitude to my fellow roundtable bloggers: Matthew Hartings, Paul Bracher, and super-duper most especially Chemjobber. He started out as a resource, and turned into a friend. I'll miss chatting about job stuff with you, CJ. And sorry if this is starting to sound like an academy award speech, but I also want to thank everyone at CEN for their advice and support, especially Bethany Halford, Jyllian Kemsley, Carmen Drahl, Amanda Yarnell, and Rachel Pepling. Especially especially Amanda and especially especially especially Rachel. How will I cope in the future, in a post-Rachel world? I really don't know. So. While all this is sad for me, it might be good for you--a new Electron Pusher is needed. CEN wants to keep this blog going! Send an email to r_pepling AT acs DOT org if you're interested. We'll also need a few guest posts too, if you want to test the waters before plunging in, polar bear-like. Or if you just want to write one post. Whatever. Okay, I'll be moseying along now. You can still find me at my sad neglected blog (maybe), but definitely on twitter. See ya around.

Author: Leigh Krietsch Boerner

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  1. Aww. Sad to see you leave JAEP, but so happy for your internship! Best of luck in this exciting new year 🙂

  2. 🙂

    Congrats Leigh!
    We’ll miss you (on this space)! But we’re all really looking forward to hearing from you in the future!

  3. Yes, definitely more in the future elsewhere! Best of luck, Leigh!

  4. Enjoy New York; there’s nothing like it. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures on Twitter…