Seeking Scientists

Hello loyal readers. We're interrupting our regular blog stream today to bring you a message from my C&E News colleague  Susan Ainsworth.
Soliciting Your Story Senior C&EN Editor Susan Ainsworth is researching a story about chemists who have retooled and moved into new careers away from research. If you have recently made this kind of move or are trying to do so, she would like to hear about your experiences. Please contact Susan Ainsworth at s_ainsworthATacsDOTorg by next Friday, Aug. 27, if possible.
Here are a taste of the questions that Susan will want to ask you: Please tell me your story and the circumstances behind your shift to a job away from the bench. What is your new position and what led you to it? What steps did you take to make it possible for you to shift into a different kind of job? (take courses, earn a new degree) Do you use your education, skills, and training in chemistry in your current role? If so, how? What do you miss about your work as a chemist? Do you expect to return to that kind of work later in your career? Why or why not? Thanks in advance for participating.

Author: Leigh Krietsch Boerner

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